Why Give


Students For Liberty’s mission is to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations. Students have the passion, energy, and creativity to advance the cause of liberty, but one thing they don’t have are the financial resources to carry out their projects introducing the ideas of liberty to more young people and educating themselves on the intellectual foundations of a free society. While Students For Liberty provides a wide range of resources and opportunities for students to access, many students come up with their own projects that would add value to the cause of liberty if they could receive the financial support to carry them out. This website is to help them find other individuals who are willing to give them that support.

Students submit projects they need funds for. Donors can choose which projects they want to support and make a contribution to either fully or partially cover the expenses of the project. Students For Liberty ensures that the students carry out the project and oversees the disbursement of funds to cover costs. Liberty benefits, and so everyone benefits.

So give the gift of liberty this holiday season by donating to a worthwhile project here.