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Sending Penn For Liberty to the International Students For Liberty Conference

By Tony Cotzias

Thank you letter:

We promised you, you enabled us, we delivered.
Last weekend, 12 members of PFL joined a crowd of over 1400 students for the largest libertarian conference of all time: the 6th International Students For Liberty Conference. Starting Friday and ending Sunday, PFLers had the chance to attend educational sessions by the all-stars of the liberty movement, network with activists from all around the world, improve their organizing skills in related workshops, and at nights venture around DC to enjoy the nation’s capital along with their fellow libertarians. 
Upon our return to Philadelphia, the experience left us with one taste: enthusiasm. We are more decisive than ever in continuing raising the voice of freedom on campus, fighting to put forth specific issues, and maintaining a strong social space for these ideas.
The ideas about upcoming projects are numerous. Now that we know how this is done there are no excuses. Let freedom ring.

Created: 12/11/12 | Deadline: 02/23/13

School: Penn For Liberty

My Project: Penn For Liberty’s most sought-after event of the spring semester is participation to the ISFLC. However, such an event is costly as we have to make it to Washington and settle our accommodation using our own means, including housing, transport, and miscellaneous registration costs. For that reason, as a group, we try to raise money for fulfilling this purpose.

Funding: Primary funds will primarily be used to cover housing costs for PFL as a whole (est. $200). Secondary funds will be used to pay for transportation costs (est. ~$200). Tertiary funds will be used to subsidize each member’s miscellaneous transportation costs, such as food in transit (est. ~$50).


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