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Crowd-Fund the Liberty Movement in Bulgaria!

By MichaelTontchev

Thank you letter:

Dear Mr. Brooks and Mr. Antisell,

I'd like to thank you once more for being a key contributing factor to the advancement of the liberty movement in Bulgaria! With the funds which you have provided us, we have been able to fund transportation costs that will enable us to conduct our summer liberty project. Without the funding of these travel expenses, we would not have been able to strengthen our presence on the ground and expand our seminars and workshops to teach campus leaders best practices for spreading the message of liberty.

This summer

- We will be organizing two large conferences. The first is the European Students for Liberty Regional Conference. The second is in partnership with the Liberal Institute for Political Analysis, a Bulgarian think tank.

- We will be expanding our online presence and fleshing out our website with more articles explaining the principles of liberty

- We will be hosting weekly libertarian events and meetings at various campuses, as well as give lectures and presentations at our events.

- We will producing more videos to make our message come to life.

- among other planned activities!

For this, the people of Bulgaria (whether they know it or not!) owe their thanks to you!

Keep an eye on our website for more updates:

Yours in Liberty,
-Michael Tontchev
BLS Fundraising Manager

Created: 04/23/13 | Deadline: 05/05/13

School: Bulgarian Libertarian Society

My Project: My name is Michael Tontchev and I'm the Fundraising Manager for the Bulgarian Libertarian Societ (BLS), as well as Chapter President of Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Maryland. The BLS was founded in April 2012 as a nationwide organization to help create, coordinate, and expand libertarian groups and activity across Bulgaria.

I'm writing to ask you whether you would consider supporting us with a donation to help us conduct our 2013 campus and online outreach effort in Bulgaria.

I'm including a link to our grant inquiry letter to give you more information about our organization and project. You might be wondering why give to a foreign organization instead of one in the US. I make our argument in the letter.

BLS Inquiry Letter

I warmly hope it makes a strong case that proves our commitment to the ideas of liberty and our high level of activity and enthusiasm!

I'm hopeful that you can help out our dedicated and growing organization! We appreciate all donations and the spreading of this link to other possible donors. Remember - this is a crowdfunding campaign! $10 or even $5 MATTER!

Yours in Liberty,
Michael Tontchev
BLS Fundraising Manager

Funding: The inquiry letter gives thorough details regarding our organization:

BLS Inquiry Letter

In order to fuel the progress of free markets in Bulgaria, BLS is striving to lay the foundations for a libertarian movement among Bulgarian youth. The approach employed is two-pronged:

- Campus outreach – partnering with on-the-ground activists spreading the ideas of liberty on their campuses. This includes providing them with further education in economics and philosophy, as well as working with them to organize seminars, events, and discussion groups. Since knowledge is local, we seek to mirror the structure of Students for Liberty, which provides support for activists while allowing them wide berth in deciding what activities are most suited to their campuses.

- Easy online access to libertarian ideas – there has been much scholarship done in the tradition of classical liberalism in the world. Unfortunately, many of the critical essays and conclusions have not made their way into Bulgarian form; even when they exist, they are not accessible to the general public and to students specifically. We seek to create an online portal for libertarian ideas in Bulgarian to make the principles of liberty clear, concise, and publicly available.


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