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The ASU Gun rights Debate Hosted by Students For Liberty & Young Americans for Liberty

By Carlos Alfaro

Created: 01/19/13 | Deadline: 01/19/13

School: ASU Students For Liberty

My Project: Gun rights are a popular topic of discussion in our colleges today. ASU Students For Liberty and Young Americans For Liberty believe this is a great opportunity to talk with students from all over the state and spread our message.We will discuss gun rights, the 2nd amendment, and gun control. This event is a debate followed by discussion with the audience. The progress of freedom and greater security will only occur if we continue to keep changing and talking about our ideas. Debate speakers (more to be announced soon!): Alan Korwin Author of five books and co-author of eight others, is a full-time freelance writer, consultant and entrepreneur with a twenty-five-year track record. Alan is one of the nation's leading Second Amendment gun-rights experts, with more than two decades of work in the field. We need your help to promote this event and get as many students and faculty to this as possible. We need signs and flyers to promote this across our campus and our community. Your support will not only help to promote pro-liberty ideas on gun rights, but also continue to spread a strong libertarian message in Arizona.

Funding: Signs $25 each. We need at least 10 signs ( more would be better) = $250.00 Printing for different flyers to promote event on campus $70 We will provide pizza and soda for attendees $80


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