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The Drug War's Threat to Personal Liberty Event

By James Padilioni Jr.

Thank you letter:

Mr. Glen Allport,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of sponsoring the Drug War event co-sponsored by William and Mary Students For Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. On Tuesday, February 12, nearly 50 students attended the lecture/Q&A regarding the history and effects of the drug war given by a speaker of the Marijuana Policy Project. In order to promote this event, we distributed flyers along with free brownies and cookies to students on campus. Both of these clubs are brand new here at the College, and as such this was the first big event that each of them hosted. Many students signed up for their respective mailing lists, and we also were able to connect with students from nearby Christopher Newport University and Old Dominion University who are interested in founding pro-liberty groups on their campuses as well (myself and a member of W&M SFL will actually be travelling to CNU this Wednesday to meet with the libertarians we met there). 

This event has already shown itself to be valuable to establishing a dialogue on the campus of William and Mary surrounding personal liberty, and this dialogue will soon spread to the campuses of CNU and ODU as well. Without your support, none of this would have been possible. We cannot hank you enough!

James Padilioni, Jr., SFL Executive Board
Bethany Jones, W&M SFL President
Thomas Bartolomeo, W&M SFL Treasure, W&M SSDP Vice President
Emily Ives, W&M SSDP President

Created: 12/13/12 | Deadline: 02/10/13

School: William and Mary Students For Liberty/ Students for Sensible Drug Policy

My Project: William and Mary SFL & SSDP are hosting a speaker from Marijuana Policy Project to talk about the Drug War and its negative effects on personal liberty. This will be the first major event at the College to seriously discuss the War on Drugs, as well as the first speaking event for both of these clubs!

Funding: $50: Promotional material: flyers, signs $50-70: Bake sale materials (cake mixes, cookies, etc.) the day before event to promote it and generate buzz. Each item will also have drug war facts included with them. Rest of funds: miscellaneous


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